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Ultimately, we serve three areas in this regard.


Security Assessment & Management of Locations & Countrywide Film Production

Taking into consideration determining factors such as:

  • Geographical landscape
  • Operating landscape
  • Infrastructure
  • Government stability
  • Regional geopolitics and subsequent travel corridors.

Cast and Crew Safety & Security

Assigning our trained and film savvy safety and security consultants to protect key members of cast or production from prevailing risks and subsequent harm, potential threat, unwanted attention, obstruction or similar both in hostile and non-hostile environments.

Our experienced and professional team either derive from a military background or extensive commercial security experience with premium close protection training in all disciplines including but not limited to firearms and evasive and off road driving.

Trained and certified in the following:

  • Firearms, the only course delivered within the UK.
  • Evasive and Advanced Driving
  • Unarmed Combat¬†
  • Advanced Covert Surveillance
  • Counter and Anti Surveillance
  • Advanced Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Advanced Private Investigation
  • Counter terrorism awareness
  • First Aid Level 3

**Please note all scope of works are subject to the lawful framework of the host country and permitted activities are to be agreed in advance with the studio, producer or client so as not to cause reputational risk or negate insurance policies in place.**

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Set Security

Regardless of the destination and subsequent Location from Studios to Base Camp, Unit Base and Set our security will protect Set Builds, Department Assets and Set Integrity from unwanted visitors, media exposure, theft and unnecessary damage via comprehensive access control and perimeter protection. 

In addition, we will support the Locations department with Lock Offs, particularly in the Middle East, where Main Unit Crew International Crew have not operated locally before.

We can either facilitate this on a full turnkey basis or with a third party security company where by we, as the subject matter experts, manage the security guards on behalf of production and most commonly the supervising locations manager so that they can focus on their immediate challenges without this headache.

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