We will negotiate a package deal agreed on either day rates or weekly rates based on a 5-day week

Considerations should be taken into account for overtime if our days / weeks are extended.


Remember, where applicable, if we supply crew the local shooting rebate applies.

In general PACT/BECTU agreement terms are applicable for major motion pictures for the purpose of collective bargaining. As the sole representative of our crew, we promote industry best practice and protect the collective welfare of our team. 

Our days normally extend to 12-hours during Prep and Wrap; however during Principal Photography we follow PACT / BECTU or SAG AFTRA guidelines, typically 11 hours with lunch and breaks or 10 hours continuous.

We can, however, craft our package in line with production subject to our specific deals for the purpose of fixing a harder and more reliable number to the associated budget and take away the concern for certain fringes.

Typically, we will budget for hotel accommodation, flights, travel, phone and per diem as a minimum. 

Furthermore, our deals, as standard, consider camera and non-camera overtime, broken turnaround, and other such considerations.

We invoice production weekly and offer a 14-day payment term unless otherwise agreed in advance.

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