Production Sourcing & Procurement

Film production asset sourcing and procurement refers to the process of acquiring and managing the necessary materials, equipment, and resources needed for film production.


This includes anything from crew safety equipment to plant hire such as tele-handlers for transport, materials for construction, shipping containers for storage, temporary accommodation for locations to jumbo jets for production.

Our resourceful network enables us to effectively source and procure film production assets. With a clear understanding of the project's requirements, budget, and timeline we are to be able to identify and evaluate potential suppliers, negotiate contracts and prices, and manage the delivery and storage of the assets. If eligible for rebate, productions can further benefit in cost savings.

A successful asset sourcing and procurement strategy can help ensure that a film production stays on budget, on schedule, and meets its creative vision. It can also help prevent delays and production issues that can arise from the lack of essential resources.

Whilst effective film production asset sourcing and procurement requires careful planning, attention to detail, a collaborative, streamlined approach between KEMS and production will help prevent unnecessary delays or costs.

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