Working with government departments, we offer a full range of safety and emergency management-oriented consultancy support

From strategy development through to successful delivery on the ground.


Our work involves reviewing the Emergency Services and supporting the development of a more efficient, effective, and enhanced service that can support film making

We can provide the expertise necessary to support the delivery of highly effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions in emerging markets for Film Production to align with the requirement of the necessary film commissions so that prospective studios and investors are satisfied that the supporting infrastructure can facilitate the project and will not hinder the welfare of the crew.

We also offer:

  • Services concerning emergency planning
  • Civil and community resilience
  • Business continuity
  • Performance and assurance frameworks
  • Training accreditation and delivery
  • Counter terrorism
  • Multi-agency working
  • Interoperability plus operational and organizational preparedness

We are the market leaders,
we are the go to.

If you want to feel cared for and valued, if you want to feel safe and secure and you need our services, then there really is no one else.