Film Production Services

Our company and key stakeholders possess a wealth of experience and expertise in the film and TV production industry, particularly in the Middle East region


Our team offers a wide array of expertise, spanning from location management and logistics to ensuring production safety and providing catering.

As registered vendors at the Two Four 54 Abu Dhabi media zone, clients benefit from filming rebates. We provide comprehensive location management services, guiding projects seamlessly from pre-production through to completion. Our deep local insight and grasp of the intricacies of filming in the Middle East stand as invaluable resources for our clients. Our Audio/Visual content creation license further broadens our global service offerings. Altogether, we are primed to address a diverse set of production requirements in the film and TV sectors.

Additionally, our credentials extend to Dubai, covering everything from securing filming permits and script approvals to comprehensive location management and end-to-end content creation. As accredited members of the Dubai Film and TV Commission, we are authorized to initiate and, upon approval, execute a variety of activities in the Emirate.

Production Services include but are not limited to:


Location management

Location management involves finding and securing suitable locations for filming, negotiating contracts with property owners, obtaining permits and clearances, and managing logistics related to transportation, parking, and accommodations.


Catering and craft services

Catering and craft services involve providing food and refreshments to the cast and crew during production. This includes meal planning, preparation, and service, as well as managing dietary requirements and food allergies.



Transport involves arranging transportation for the cast, crew, and equipment to and from the filming locations. This includes coordinating vehicles, drivers, and logistics for a smooth and efficient transportation process.


Production safety

Production safety and security ensure that the cast, crew, and equipment are safe and secure throughout the filming process. This includes implementing safety protocols, conducting risk assessments, and providing security personnel.


Production Management

We specialize in efficient line production for successful film and video projects. Our expert team manages budgets, schedules, recruitment, and coordination, ensuring a smooth process. Trust us to handle the operational complexities while you focus on your creative vision.


Line Producing

Line producing involves managing the day-to-day operations of a film or video production. This includes managing the budget, overseeing the schedule, hiring crew members, and coordinating the different departments to ensure that the production runs smoothly.


Production Crew

We're a top production crew provider, offering exceptional support for successful projects. Our skilled crew excels in all department from production runners to transport captains. We ensure seamless coordination and exceed expectations with efficient, detail-oriented execution. 


AV content creation

AV content creation involves creating and producing audio and visual content for use in the production. This includes developing scripts, storyboarding, filming, editing, and adding special effects to create compelling and engaging content.


Abu Dhabi Film Commission

As a leading production company, we offer attractive Abu Dhabi Film Commission rebates, seamless production services, and access to stunning locations. Unlock financial advantages and bring your creative vision to life in vibrant Abu Dhabi.

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