Compliance & Training

After coming out of a very busy 2022, with three movies under our belt, Kandahar, Dune Part 2 and Gran Turismo we are looking forward to a 2023 of equal pace.  We had penciled a job starting in February and then a constant flow until year end. However, with our first job moving location and some uncertainty in Europe the slate for the year is now TBC but that’s the nature of the beast.

We were reminded today that both life and business is a roller coaster of lows and highs, peaks and troths. 

Fortunately, we have diversified in regard to our services and our general trading division is continuing to service film commissions with hard assets in order to strengthen their filming infrastructure and subsequent capability and capacity to facilitate substantial productions and accommodate large crew numbers during shoot.

So, we have two priorities.

  1. Firstly, investing in our marketing and subsequent client awareness of our businesses. 
  2. Secondly and more importantly investing in both our continual professional development and that of our teams.

Our passion is protecting people, we are emotionally invested in ensuring people are safe by ensuring there is a robust safety framework with necessary security measures to preserve both the production and crews’ wellbeing.

There is huge satisfaction in delivering a professional service, a safe environment in which the crew feel valued and cared for and if you’re lucky appreciate the duty of care that our team have bestowed upon them.

Our other passion is the development of people and furthering their ability to succeed in life, being part of the contributing factor to their success. 

Health Safety Emirates FZC, our affiliate company Kensington Event and Media Services FZ LLC and the subsequent role of Film Production Safety and Security is the perfect platform for us to achieve the aforementioned. 

In order to protect people we need to ensure that our crew are the best, and constantly invest in every opportunity for them to further develop their skills. 

This month our team has enrolled onto an Emergency Medical Technician EMT (AREMT) course that will span over the coming months from which they will be the most experienced and credited Set Medics in the local market. 

CPR class with instructors talking and demonstrating firt aid, compressions ans reanimation procedure. Cpr dummy

In addition we are back out to Bulgaria to work with Prep You EU to manage some students on the firing range to further develop our experience. Given everything that’s in the press currently in regard to Armory, Firearms and their management on set, we are very keen to ensure that our own training is both up to date and our systems and ability to manage this particular environment is on point.

Of course our chosen path is not free of frustration and challenge, particularly as the characteristics of risk are dependent on human behavior and understanding.

We often expect our peers to have the same outlook and live by the same values, a passion for protecting people and an inherent care of duty. Too often we are disappointed by the lackluster attitude of those that manage the purse strings in terms of compromising safety in order to meet budgets. Quite often budgets have been built based on naïve assumptions and lack of awareness of both local costs and compliance. 

Sometimes the lack of duty of care is due to ignorance and without any intent but the outcome remains the same, a potentially unsafe environment and an environment that does not comply with the local laws and provisions.

As a Safety and Security advisor we have a moral, financial and lawful duty when serving a production. It’s a pleasure to take on the burden of responsibility, one that if we fail has severe ramifications, and with that in mind we are committed to delivering every task as efficiently and safely as possible. We are proud to say that our crew live by the same values and together we offer a service that is second to none, something we are very proud of.

Should you need our services please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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we are the go to.

If you want to feel cared for and valued, if you want to feel safe and secure and you need our services, then there really is no one else.