The Only Armory Crew & PrepYou.Eu Certified Range Safety Officers in the Middle East

All persons in possession of a weapon either hot or cold, are responsible for ensuring that their firearms and ammunition dummies or blank are safe to use.


We have a comprehensive understanding of many different weapon systems from AK47’s to M4 and Glock 17’s, different optics, weapons handling and from a tactical perspective different drills.

Our qualified and experienced personnel will manage the weapons, ensure they are made safe and that any cast or crowd in possession of a weapon maintain the same disciplines as to ensure accidents and subsequent injuries are prevented. Furthermore we will ensure that the weapons handling is credible.

To be assured that only dummies are in a gun, the armorer will shake every cartridge immediately before loading it in a gun.

Although some filmmakers might feel that other crew members can correctly identify a dummy, they should only be handled by the armorer or qualified member of the prop crew.

Standard safety protocols are that all guns are to be handed to an actor or stunt person ONLY by the Armorer, Prop Master or qualified member of the prop crew.

The gun’s action will be opened, and the loaded condition shown to that person. Face to face understanding and any questions answered.

All firearms and ammunition must be made available for inspection and testing whenever required. 

We maintain a full itinerary of all ammunition, log discharges both in rehearsals and by scene during shoot and can upon request archive video data of such on our NFT platform along with evidence of cast training and any boot camps carried out in rehearsals, should the insurers and production deem it necessary.


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