We ensure the process of filmmaking is safe and secure so production can, with peace of mind, roll camera and focus on the creative

We provide bespoke consultancy and safety and security services to corporate and high net worth individuals when operating in or simply visiting the region.

David - OBE

Our special project division is led by Mr David Etheridge OBE and delivers strategic and operational consultancy to both Government and Industry leaders.

Our consultancy service is utilised by Film Commissions, Major Studios, Production Companies, and Insurers alike.

  • Emergency Planning for Production (Cast and Crew)
  • Incident and Crisis Management
  • Government Liaison
  • Emergency Services Liaison and Interoperability.

We are the market leaders,
we are the go to.

If you want to feel cared for and valued, if you want to feel safe and secure and you need our services, then there really is no one else.